Concept of La Sincere


Many billions of years after the creation of the Earth in the vast galaxy, a tiny lifeform was born on the water planet. This was an almost miraculous event. We believe that our bodies and souls must be imprinted with the memories of the vast universe. Being alive is so romantic, but in reality, the world is faced with many issues, such as how to handle the environment and our aging societies. On the other hand, it is a fact that with the information revolution as typified by the internet, completely new communication styles have appeared that transcend borders and races. World currents are changing widely and certainly. Yet, no matter how much the times change, there are things we should not lose, such as truth, sincerity and respect. As long as humans are human, these elements are eternal. Valuing our basic spirit of "Telling the truth," "Always being sincere" and "Humbly respecting others," La Sincere is devoted to responding to your trust and widening the circle of trust.

代表取締役 山田達男