Challenge of La Sincere

We want tn continue being a company of action

As a cosmetic manufacturer
The world is full of cosmetic products.? However, it is not uncommon for products intended for beauty to harm the environment or the skin because of their emulsifying agents, synthetic fragrances and preservatives.? Even "natural cosmetics" known for having no added fragrance or coloring are not completely free from vegetable oils or emulsifying agents.? La Sincere has been promoting R&D vigorously to discover the most suitable ingredients for a range of cosmetics based on natural materials.? Eventually, we came across a gel, a revolutionary material gentle to both nature and humans.? Using this gel, we have successfully developed 100% oil-free (no emulsifying agents, fragrance and colorant) gel cosmetics.? Our motto "truth, sincerity and respect" is aimed not only at customers but also at our products themselves.

About Gel

Natural gel is a viscous substance found in animals, plants and minerals in nature. It is the gooey substance found in aloe, seaweed and clay for instance. The viscous (gel) factor is important both for skin cells and moisturizing ability.? We focused our attention on this viscous factor for our gel cosmetics. Conventional cosmetics require emulsifying agents (synthetic surfactants) to combine water and oil. In contrast, gel cosmetics enhance the capability of natural skin without emulsifying agents.

Management of the Relaxing Beauty Ange Salons

Ange is the total relaxation salon to heal the mind and body and cleanse the body from inside. We provide a facial treatment space where our aestheticians revitalize your skin with exquisite facial treatments. We have also established a body treatment space where you can receive a USA-developed lymphatic drainage massage in total comfort. Refresh your mind and body at Ange and experience the wonder of maintaining your health and beauty.