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It all began from a single gel cleansing product.

Based on our commitment to create cosmetic products that are gentle for the skin, healthy, and safe, we focused onto gel material to be used for the cosmetic product using no water, oil, or emulsifying agent (synthetic surfactant).
Our very first product was a gel cleansing product.
This product was widely supported by many customers due to its prescription gentle for the skin.
The next product was a wrinkle-care essence product which used gel for aging care.

After that, we started working on developing a shampoo product using no synthetic surfactant, which led to having many customers appreciate La Sincere’s product planning concept.

We are working upon product development by utilizing naturally derived materials, and implementing original manufacturing method and careful operation so that we will be able to support the needs of the customers of a wide range of age group.

La Sincere's OEM production example

Pi Natural
PiNatural series products are natural cosmetic products which have been developed with the cooperation of the dermatologists based on the concept of developing cosmetic products which can be applied onto baby skin, and they use naturally derived gel material as the product basis.  Fragrance free, color free, and mineral oil free hypoallergenic prescription.
Pi Natural
Base product for maintaining beautiful skin which has been created based on natural mechanism
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