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Listed below are frequently asked questions and answers regarding OEM cosmetic and health food products.  Should you have any inquiry, please feel free to contact us.

OEM Requests – Q&A

Which manufacturer will be able to provide us with satisfactory products?
La Sincere has 20-year’s experience in providing the Lipoderm series (professional-use product series) and the LS series (products to be sold at individual salons) to the aesthetic salons across the country.  We value our customers’ voices as our first priority, and have established a directly-managed aesthetic salon “Ange” as an antenna shop.  We will propose the know-how which will be useful for joining in new businesses and for expanding the sales for the OEM products.
Can we have high quality products manufactured so that we can feel reassured when we sell them to our customers?
La Sincere is focusing on natural gel products as a pioneer for gel products, is placing highest value onto the safety of the products, and is working on developing new materials both in Japan and in oversea countries.  We are capable of providing products that would lead the customers to become regular clients.
Can we have products manufactured in small lots and at low cost?
We manufacture products from 300 units, which will enable you to start your business at lower risk.
Can you make proposals for highly functional packages / container forms?
We can make proposals for packages / container forms at an original design using packages / containers procured from within Japan and from oversea countries.  By making proposals for value added products, we will be able to provide products that would enable you to expand your distribution volume and which many customers would wish to use repeatedly.

La Sincere’s Development Staff Members

We are professional staff members for developing and making proposals for gel cosmetic products, and we consider our clients’ satisfaction as our first priority.
We create highly marketable added-value for a wide range of products from those for professional usages to home usages.

Making proposals for original added-values

Kiminori Matsuba, Manager, Planning & Development Dept.

  1. Many customers wish to create cosmetic products for their own original brand when they first enter the cosmetic industry.
    Such customers may have their sales channel ensured, but are mostly concerned about the usage of their cosmetic products.
    We make proposals for both professional products and for products to be used at homes to various aesthetic salons across the country by proposing the product themselves together with the method for using them.  (We propose the developed product together with the technique for using that product.)

We not only provide the products; we can provide additional support by holding seminars regarding the usage and features of the developed products.

We also have a high reputation for making proposals for product designs.
We constantly retain several design ideas, and we utilize them as the basis for creating highly original designs for each individual customer.
Since cosmetic sales operation means selling dreams to the consumers, we believe that having highly original designs applied onto the product packages is an important factor when creating products for the customers’ original brand.

Additionally to the contentment we feel when we see our customers satisfied with the completed products, we feel much happier and excited when we see them satisfied with such added-value.


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