The Science of Natural Gel

Gel Is a Gift From Nature

Natural gel is a viscous substance that exists in the natural world. It is a gelatinous material which is syrupy, and found in aloe, sea algae and clay. There are various natural gels, including plant gels (from plants in the sea or on land), animal gels (from fish) and mountain gels (from minerals), each with its own characteristics. Human skin cells have an important viscosity (gel) factor that is related to moisturizing ability, as well as to gels in the natural world. Gel skin care products were developed focusing on this viscosity factor.

Using Gel Skin Care Products Keeps Your Skin Healthy and Beautiful
Characteristics of Bio-gel cosmetics

Gel has many distinct characteristics which make it gentle on the skin; it keeps skin moist, sticks to skin well, is absorbed into skin quickly and allows skin to breathe well. Gel skin care products use the properties of gel, without the addition of emulsifiers, which are used for blending oil with water, and their texture is light but not sticky. Unlike oil, gel does not form a film on the surface of the skin, so your skin can breathe naturally. In addition, gel delivers more than enough nutrients to your skin, shortens your skin’s turnover cycle and revitalizes your skin to keep it healthy and beautiful.